Yes, you are finally eighteen and is recognized as an adult so you definitely need to party it out to celebrate the achievement. You are happy and excited and all those good things but remember, with this birthday, comes great responsibility; both as a teenager and a person. So your teens are almost over and it is your time to shine and try to find your place in this world, and for almost all of us it can be challenging. You graduate high school and go off to college or to work, then your life gets all hectic and you are burdened with more and more responsibilities and the society starts expecting things of you – the list goes on. So when you reach your eighteenth birthday, you need to start preparing for everything that life is sure to throw at you.

Firstly, our most feared ‘J’ word. You could find people whining about getting a job but trust me unemployment isn’t fun either. Career mentoring is a great way to overcome this fear and it helps to build confidence in you. As an eighteen-year-old, it is good to sow your wild oats so that you can have an early harvest. It is good to get your things figured out earlier in life than to wind up in a mess later. Just as we enthusiastically rush to grab over driving license, it is important to grab some genuine advice on further education and future careers.

When you are eighteen, you lose the free pass to be foolish. You are accepted as an adult, so you have to start acting like one. You simply cannot dodge your responsibilities or put them on your parents’ shoulders anymore. Why? Because you are eighteen. Act responsible, go meet a career advisor, get a good look around you, join a social service club, do some voluntary work and really start being a useful citizen. You are full of dreams and goals at this point in life, so look at those in a realistic manner. Plan short term to achieve long term goals. Need advice for your career check this page for more details.

Take time off to reward yourself for a good deed you did. Maybe you gave your Starbucks to a homeless man, maybe you had the guts to enroll in a martial arts class. Whatever is maybe, reward yourself. Most importantly, when you are eighteen, don’t forget to enjoy life. Don’t forget to seek happiness in little things and don’t forget to keep pushing yourself to test your limits. Unless you are in some serious hot water, you never really know what you are capable of!